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How to put lots of stress into your big day.

Get you, your bridesmaids, mum etc together, fight through traffic, find parking. Then when you've had your hair done, brave the weather, traffic and risk being seen so you can return to your venue or home.


How to take ALL the stress out of your big day.

Just relax at your chosen venue and let everyone come to you and enjoy being a princess for the day.


Having a hairdresser come to your home or chosen venue can make your day a truly relaxing experience. I work alongside some excellent makeup artists and beauty therapists so you can sit back and be fully pampered on you special day.  Then quite simply when you are ready, you slip into your dress and you're away.


Charlotte Wesson Mobile Hairdresser

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Mobile Hairdresser - Bridal Specialist


I am fully qualified and insured for all aspects of  hairdressing with more than 10 years experience.


I provide a professional, personal and friendly hairstyling service in the comfort of your own home,  or chosen venue.


Why go to the salon? when the salon can come to you!

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On the day


Bride                  £50 - £75


Bridesmaids      £25 child (under 12)


                           £45 adult


Blow dry from   £20                    


(i.e. mother, mother in law or guests)


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A Trial


The trial is very useful in deciding on a style and also saves invaluable time on the day itself.


At the trial I don't mind how many styles the bride wants to try or if the bride says she doesn't like it.


I would rather know and as I cant read minds I do need telling.


I can only advise on style, the final decision is the bride's.


Most things are possible even if it means having the help of added hair etc but brides still need to be realistic on what I can achieve with their hair.


They also need to remember they are not the model in the magazine they are looking at and will not look the same.


(Saying this makes me think of a funny saying that my college tutor told me.... 'its a comb not a wand!'


When to have a trial.


When you have the trial is up to the bride. Some like to get it done early so it can be ticked off the list, grow their hair if need be and then get accessories to go with their style. Others prefer to leave it till nearer the day and choose a style to compliment their accessories etc. There's no wrong or right way round.


At your trial have a picture of your dress. Then either pictures (or the real thing if you have it) of veil/tiara/flowers and accessories.


If your bridesmaids, mum or other guests whose hair I will be doing on the day are not having a trial, I ask for photos of them if possible so we can plan their hair.

Do not wash your hair on the day you are having it done, it never goes up as well when it is squeaky clean.

1-2 weeks before the big day, have your colour done.


On the day.


Do not wash your hair unless your hairdresser has asked you to.Wear a top that can be unbuttoned/zipped. Sit back, relax and leave the rest to me!


If your hair is to be set on rollers, while they are in is the perfect time to have your nails and makeup done. I will then do hair for any other members of the party.


Enjoy this special time with the people who you have chosen to help you prepare for the biggest day of you life.


Don't forget to have something to eat and crack open some bubbly!


When this is done I will finish your hair and then all you have to do is slip into your dress and finaly I will attach your veil.


In styles.

Popular bridal styles at the moment seem to be loose chignons, half up half down, 50's waves and bouffant styles.

For the mother of the bride/groom avoid big hair if wearing a hat or it will become flat and leave you with hat hair. Simple layered or feathered bobs are a classic yet stylish and suit most people.

Your trial  

The trial will cost £25 per hour (plus travel where applicable).  This is for all members of the party.

(see bottom of page)


Minimum call out charge


I have a minimum booking of £125 weekends and £100 week days.


As every wedding is different I think it only fair to calculate them individually, and then you know exactly what you are paying for.

Travel costs are negotiable dependant on size of booking, but as a guide... please ask for a quote in the planner.



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