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1st Capture Photography

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I’m Andy and I’m a photographer. As far as my history with photographs goes I can remember being fascinated by my Mum’s Olympus SLR the first time I saw it. This was probably down to the heady combination of shiny metal and crisp, clear glass and being told in no uncertain terms that I was not to touch it! From there I was always more interested in the pictures themselves than the mechanics of actually capturing them on film. Family albums were a constant source of interest to me as they kept happy memories fresh in my mind and gave me an insight into my parents before I knew them.


The jump to taking photography seriously was instigated by a keen interest in graphic design, something which I fell into and began to make money at thanks to my first job as a print buyer. The jobs typically benefitted from backgrounds and visual elements which I could either buy from Stock sites or take myself. As soon as I realised the depth of creativity that good, in-camera photography could bring to my images and designs I was hooked!


Taking pictures is all well and good but the real pleasure is in displaying your work, so I joined flickr and eventually caught up with Facebook and Twitter as ways of sharing my work with friends and like-minded people from all over the world. Now that I want to take the next step into delivering photography as a service, I feel the need to start a website as a way to showcase my work in a more professional way and to properly market my services as a photographer to anyone who has access to the World Wide Web. However, that is not why I started this blog.


Andy is available across the East Midlands including:

- Nottingham

- Leicester

- Derby


See website for photos:  

About Me

Wedding Videography

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Video options can be added onto any of the photography packages listed in the wedding package section.


Arrival and ceremony £650


Ceremony and reception £950


Whole day £1350


To see an example see video


Please contact if you’d like a package to be tailored specifically to your needs  

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from £800

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